For a number of years, I have been working diligently to support my clients and the community we live in. The commitment I have made has been recognized with the awards and honors below:

2014 Superstar for Life Award

2014 Superstar for Life Award: For this award, an agent must earn Life FYC of at least $50,000 AND a Life paid case rate of at least 50 in the current calendar year.

2014 Million Dollar Round Table Membership.  Achieving membership is a distinguishing life insurance career milestone, attained only by those who have demonstrated superior professional knowledge, experience and client service.  MDRT membership represents the top life insurance and financial service professionals worldwide.  MDRT is an international, independent association of the world’s best life insurance and financial services professionals.

2013 Chairman's Council New Organization award

2013 Chairman's Council New Organization Council Credit Leader: The award is presented to the top-producing New Organization member of the Chairman's Council who earns the highest amount of Council Credits during the Council years.

2013 Chairman's Council award

2013 Chairman's Council: recognized for ongoing leadership and success at providing financial security to other in the designated community.


2013 Qualified for Court of the Table: A step up from the Million Dollar Round Table, Court of the Table status is achieved by the top professionals who exemplify outstanding professional knowledge, client service, and ethical conduct in the life insurance and financial services industry. 

2013 Case Rate Achievement Award: For tireless dedication to help protect lives in the community.

2012 Rookie of the Year award

2012 Rookie of the Year: The acknowledged Rookie achieves case rate milestones in his or her first year of employment. They have proved that they are a valuable asset to the community they serve by protecting their clients' financial futures, and so they deservingly win this award.

2012 Leader of Life Insurance award

2012 Leader of Life Insurance as A New Agent in 2012 in the Boston General Office

2012 National Eagle Award

2012 National Eagle Award as a New Agent for Life

2011 Executive Council award

2011 Executive Council Outstanding Sales Accomplishment


2011 Top Producing Agent award

2011 Top Producing Agent in the Strive for Excellence Campaign in the Northeast Zone


2011 Career Life Success Award

2011 Career Life Success Award: This award is given to agents who encompass the quote "Early Achievement Breeds Ultimate Success." They reach certain milestones such as 18 life cases by the end of their third contract month.

Boston General office award
2011 Certificate of Completion Career Conference award

2011 Certificate of Completion Career Conference